Little Things That Annoy Greatly

I don’t know about you and your patience but I am certainly not notorious about having a good one. People who know me to the core are very honest to tell me that and I won’t even deny. I mean, I am just human. And I am sure others may share the same sentiments: Those people who leave the faucet open or let even tiny drops of water run all day. Like what are you? Owner of Mother Nature to waste all that? Door slamming. I won’t give much damn about the connotative one but literally slamming doors bothers me. … Continue reading Little Things That Annoy Greatly

My Worries at 24 (I)

So I woke up this morning with the feeling of emptiness. This is apparent in my face, in my one question one aswer conversation with my sister and the way I heave sighs when my mother talks to me. My girlfriend called and I asked her for a cool off for no apparent reason. It’s hard to wake up stalling. Worst, you do not know why. Maybe I just do not have enough serotonin to keep me enthusiastic. Maybe I just need to hit the gym and do some stretch as what suggested. Maybe I am just hungry. I know, … Continue reading My Worries at 24 (I)

Tips to SURVIVE Commuting in Metro Manila

Commuters, DRIVE! Hunger Games. That book series turned to movie where two representatives from different districts have to participate in an annual death match in the name of food. The battlecry? Survival of the fittest, elimination of the unfit. Our day to day life is indeed a survival of the fittest and elimination of the unfit. You need not read or watch Hunger Games to see that. Just try commuting in the Philippines. And it’s more fun in Metro Manila. For those who have cars, all you have worry are the following: money for gas and toll fees, coding days, plus … Continue reading Tips to SURVIVE Commuting in Metro Manila

Have You Ever?

Have you ever woke up one day and realized you don’t feel like going to work and messaged your supervisor to go on leave for no apparent reason? Have you ever tried getting back to sleep to continue the fairy-tale like dream but it won’t just piece back together? Have you ever tried sleeping hunger because you feel too lazy to drag yourself from the couch? Have you ever been hungry, dragged yourself from bed and make it to the kitchen only to find out there is no food? Have you ever been so desperate you are tempted eating your … Continue reading Have You Ever?